Mr. Tommy Battles's Courses

at Jefferson State Community College

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My courses:

Note: beginning Fall 2009, CIS 110 has been renumbered CIS 150, and the original CIS 273 has been renumbered CIS 161 (a new course numbered CIS 273C was added to the networking degree program effective in the 2016-17 catalog). The content of these courses should not change, and students who passed the courses with the previous numberings do not need to take the courses with the new numberings. Students whose degree requirements include CIS 161 but who have not taken the course already should now take CIS 270, which serves as the new introductory networking course.

Also, effective Fall 2015, CIS 268 and CIS 269 have been combined into a single course, CIS 263. Students who have already completed both courses do not need to take CIS 263. Students who took only one of the two courses will have to take CIS 263 to complete their requirements. Students who started with older catalogs that require both courses will be allowed to take CIS 263 in their stead.

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